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cryptic. sympathetic. planning. understanding. writer. lazy. perfectionist. naive. loving. sensitive. quiet. introverted. loyal. designer. avid reader. insane. open-minded (as in, slash and incest don't freak me out if done appropriately). friendly. geek. dreamer. complicated. emotional. peace-loving. movie buff. tv series junkie. obsessed. inconspicuous. imaginative. helpful. reserved. thinker. vulnerable. self-conscious. theoretical. dogged. fantasy-loving.


Warning! I am probably the most random person you'll ever meet (or come across). I can connect the word 'cracked' to Peter Pevensie in a flick of second without ever knowing why, and IMO, Kimi Raikkonen would be the coolest vampire of all time.

. fandoms

The Pevensies, especially Peter/Ed brotherly interaction - The Chronicles of Narnia | Literati, Jess Mariano, Lorelai Gilmore - Gilmore Girls | Robert Chase, Gregory House, Chase/Cameron - HouseCaRWash - CSI: Miami | Peter Petrelli, the Petrellis - Heroes | Gil Grissom, Greg Sanders, everybody - CSI | Chloe Sullivan, Chlollie - Smallville | Chuck | The Lost Room | Kimi Raikkonen, Robert Kubica, Christian Klien - F1



3 Doors Down. Blake Lewis. Breaking Benjamin. Daughtry. Fall Out Boy. The Fray. Goo Goo Dolls. Lifehouse. Massive Attack. Melee. OneRepublic. Sigur Ros. Simple Plan. Snow Patrol. Something Corporate. Sugarcult. Switchfoot. Yellowcard. +soundtracks


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